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UA Drug Screening

Alcoholism, drug and substance abuse, and addiction are all concerns that can be addressed with the help of a counselor. Our in-depth drug and alcohol assessments have also been used in state licensing concerns, DWI cases, child custody cases, and as supplements to legal preparations.

They include a thorough evaluation with questions covering a variety of concerns, such as:

• Continued drug use despite consequences
• Inability to control substance use
• Neglecting work and/or social responsibilities
• Unsuccessful efforts to stop or cut down on drug or alcohol use
• Withdrawal symptoms

Urine drug testing is a very accurate way to determine recent drug use history. It is the most common form of drug testing, used by schools, employers and families alike. A urine drug test requires collecting a small urine sample. No laboratory work is required initially- you can find out the results of your drug test almost instantly. All preliminary positives should be confirmed with a lab test.

Test For up to 13 Drugs—

Marijuana * Cocaine * Opiates * Methamphetamines * Amphetamines * Barbiturates * Benzodiazepines (Xanax/Valium) * Oxycodone * Ecstasy * PCP * Methadone * Propoxyphene * Buprenorphine (Suboxone)

All tests are FDA Cleared!

 Adult Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory – 4 (SASSI-4)SASSI-4 identifies high or low probability of substance use disorders and includes a prescription drug scale that identifies individuals likely to be abusing prescription medications. It also provides a measure of profile validity and clinical insight into level of defensiveness and willingness to acknowledge experienced consequences of substance use disorder

Adolescent Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory (SASSI-A2)The SASSI-A2 identifies high or low probability of substance use disorders in clients 12 to 18 years of age. The SASSI-A2 also provides clinical insight into family and social risk factors, level of defensive responding, and consequences of substance misuse teens endorsed.
Ages: Adolescents 12 to 18 years
Accuracy: 94% Based on empirical studies

Spanish Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory (Spanish SASSI)The Spanish SASSI is a Spanish language screening instrument, empirically validated in clinical settings for use with Spanish speaking adults from diverse ethnic backgrounds (e.g., Colombian, Mexican, Puerto Rican).
Ages: 18 years and up

Behaviors & Attitudes Drinking & Driving Scale (BADDS)The Behaviors & Attitudes Drinking & Driving Scale (BADDS) identifies preintervention risk of future impaired driving, and changes in DUI-related risky behaviors & attitudes following intervention. Ideal for initial risk assessment, pre and post test screening, and program evaluation.
Age: Valid for adults 18 years and older. Appropriate for early intervention with adolescents.

Drug and Alcohol Assessments